Unlock the value of driving data

Data Integrity

Our mobile app automatically detects motorized trips and collects data from smartphones sensors. (see our FAQ)

This data is supplemented by contextualization and appreciation of the conditions of the journey. 

On our platform, data travels through a network of algorithms responsible for extracting useful and actionable information.

Collaborative analysis

We chose Azure Data Factory to develop a simple and complete ETL (extract, transform, load) and ELT processes to focus on modelization and deliver what is really important for our clients : business insights.

Reporting with data visualization tools including Power BI enables collaborative integration with external platforms and other Microsoft tools widely used in organizations.

Predictive modeling

We invest in research by hiring PhD students in machine learning and deep learning.

Our goals are to define and refine our predictive algorithms to discover new correlations, anticipate tomorrow’s solutions, address today’s mobility problems and invent with our partners the products and services of the future.

Security and processing of personal information

We designed the entire Drivata platform to protect and secure its users privacy before, during and after the company’s driving diagnostic organization.

We ensure that driving data from vehicles and participants is collected, analyzed and shared in accordance with the GDPR standards on security and personal data protection.

The main objectives of the GDPR are to maintain control of individual personal data and increase the protection of this data, as well as to make the actors responsible for its treatment.

Drivata applies the following rules:

  • Drivers can use a pseudonym throughout the diagnosis period and choose not to fill in their personal profile.
  • Vehicle geolocation data is only used to determine driving scores.
  • This data is not accessible in detail by the diagnostic sponsors nor provided by Drivata to third parties.
  • The details of the data collected during a diagnosis are erased upon request.
  • We regularly invest in securing our technical infrastructure and applications and especially in training our employees in terms of protecting the data of our users and preventing hacking.

We understand that access to personal data is a very important topic and we are committed to maintaining a high level of security and protection.

Thomas Engler, CEO Drivata

Project financed with the help of the European Union with the European regional development fund