In less than 30 days...


-> Increase your Drivers Safety


-> Promote Eco-Driving


-> Lower Fleet Operating Costs

Data-Based Diagnostic

We collect and analyze driving data from our smartphone app to deliver essential information to fleet operators.

No extra hardware required.

Driving Data That Matters

We analyze and modelize driving data from multiple sources to unlock innovative and actionnable insights for our clients and partners.

See what you’ve been missing

Fleet owners, HR, Operation executives…

Drivata delivers the information you really need to:

  • Stop unsafe driving behavior
  • Cut gas-guzzling habits
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Comply with traffic laws
  • Manage operation costs
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Optimize fleet financing rates

In less than a month – Drivata delivers data-based expert reports identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your drivers with recommendations to optimize your fleet usage.

Drivata expert diagnostic

Fast : Essential information in 30 days

Easy : Just download a smartphone app

Practical : Compatible with all types of vehicles

Reliable : Ensure employees participation and data integrity

Affordable : You only pay during the diagnostic period. As low as €12.90 per month/per driver wth unlimited mileage. 

Insight That Matters

We process and analyze driving data supplied by our proprietary smartphone app.

This information is first anonymized in compliance with GDPR, then standardized and supplemented with vehicle dynamics, road type, trip context and more…

We deliver specific and detailed analytical reports to guide fleet managers in their daily operations. This insight makes a real difference on many levels.

The expert solution that fits your fleet