Drivata collect, analyze and learn from mobility data to substantially reduce road accidents, improve gas mileage, lower pollution, optimising vehicles and people operations.

 Why use Drivata ?

  • Get the data you need to manage change
  • Improve driver’s education
  • Scale risk prevention
  • Cut gas-guzzling habits
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Lower operational costs
Platform and mobile app

Who is using Drivata today ? QHS managers|CSR managers|Driving instructors|Fleet managers

Companies know that the establishment of a road safety culture and appropriate training are essential to protect their human and material capital on the road.

However, they complain that traditional actions have hit diminishing returns and do not have a lasting effect.

Drivata ensure that these measures are actually effective by using state-of-the-art technologies in smartphones, leveraging real-time data through a dedicated cloud solution and training our machine learning algorithm.

We achieve remarkable results in road safety and eco-driving for the benefit of employees and companies.

Platform and mobile app

… A truly innovative solution because it is economical and flexible, to reduce our fuel, insurance and repair bills without having to worry about installing a dongle with a long-term subscription …

Marc Passani


Drivata convinced us with its ease of use, rapid deployment and scaling. The reliability of the driving analyses, the quality of the educational content and its fun aspect continuously motivate our employees to adopt and maintain responsible and sustainable driving…

Fabien Escrihuela

Director, SNEF Group

Drivata is structurally “driver” oriented  – and not vehicle – and since our levers of action are based on the individual, we have high added value information to deploy our recommendations.

Jérôme Fouque

Corporate Mobilities

Turnkey solution

Fast : from 10 to 10 000 users simultaneously

Easy : Just download our smartphone app, that’s it!

With gamification : Challenge users to improve their driving

Legal :  strict GDPR compliance

Pays for itself : less work stoppage, less fines, up to 20% fuel economy.

AI is your co-pilot

Drivata leverages machine learning to create an intelligent co pilot that is augmenting drivers capabilities and efficiency with every trip.

Our driver centric + AI in the loop solution unlocks a new era for developing innovative products and services  for a greener, safer mobility to benefit human society :

  • Surveying/monitoring
  • Predictability
  • Automation
  • Personalisation
  • Cost reduction
  • Trafic and activity analysis
  • Risk mapping
  • Policy compliance
  • Smart cities


Data Factory
Project financed with the help of the European Union with the European regional development fund