The prefered solution for acting fast

Drivata is 100% mobile telematics and deploy rapidly up to 100 000 drivers. It is the go to solution for developping a better, responsible and sustainable mobility.

Drivata delivers the information operators really need to:


  • Curb unsafe driving behavior
  • Cut gas-guzzling habits
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Comply with traffic laws
  • Optimize operation costs
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Motivate people to act
Platform and mobile app

Drivata expert diagnostic

Fast : Essential information in 30 days

Easy : Just download our smartphone app

Practical : Compatible with all types of vehicles

Reliable : Ensure employees participation and data integrity

Global : works everywhere there is a cell network.

Affordable : Pay as you go. No minimum billing. No long term commitment. Volume discounts available for large fleet.

Insight That Matters

We process and analyze driving data supplied by our proprietary smartphone app.

This information is first anonymized in compliance with GDPR, then standardized and supplemented with vehicle dynamics, road type, trip context and more…

We deliver specific and detailed analytical reports to guide specific and measurable actions.

Data Factory

… A truly innovative solution because it is economical and flexible, to reduce our fuel, insurance and repair bills without having to worry about installing a dongle with a long-term subscription …

Marc Passani


Drivata is structurally “driver” oriented  – and not vehicle – and since our levers of action are based on the individual, we have high added value information to deploy our recommendations.

Jérôme Fouque

Corporate Mobilities

The fleet manager must transform into a mobility operator and digitize his operations by relying on data collected and analysed by solutions like Drivata.

François Gatineau


Project financed with the help of the European Union with the European regional development fund